Hair Samples

To get you started on your hair business, you get access to 8 Hair Samples at 10g each IN LENGTHS 10-12 inches at different textures & colours as shown below;

- Straight Hair Black

- Body Wave Hair - Black

- Deep Wave/Curly Hair - Black

- Afro Kinky - Black

- Ocean Wave -Black

- Bleach Blonde #613

- Honey Blonde #27

- Ombre Wavy 

This is perfect to use as samples, advertise to your customers. This is perfect to use as samples, advertise to your customers. For more information on Samples, please CLICK HERE



50 FREE Flyers

Included in your VIP membership are 50 Flyers for your business. This is perfect for advertising your new business to your customers. We have different designs you can choose from and you can find out more on our flyer options by CLICKING HERE

It normally takes approximately 7-10 working days for your flyers to be designed, so do allow sometime for these to be shipped out to you. 

$50 Shopping Coupon Voucher

As a VIP Member, you will also receive a $50 Coupon Code voucher to shop for any hair bundles of your choice. Remember you can shop from our discounted store at meaning you get an even bigger value for your money. In addition to your samples, you can install & wear your hair bundles as a great way of advertising your new brand to your customers.

Quick Start Guide


In addition you also get access to a quick start guide that contains all the information you need to get your own hair business up and running properly.

Customer Order Sheets


As part of our distributor program, you also get access to our amazing customer order sheet. You can easily print these out when required to take any direct orders from your customers easily and quickly.

Your Own Website + 1 Year FREE Web Hosting

As a Yes Weave distributor you get access to your own unique hair business website preloaded with products and created for you with a business name of your choice. If you were to pay a web designer to create this for you it would cost you thousands of $ just to get this up and running. 

Your website also comes with all our hair products already listed with prices just ready for you to start advertising to your customers worldwide and making money. You don't need to spend sleepless nights and hours struggling to come up with a website, listing products, prices, etc.

Included is also 1 year FREE Web Hosting meaning you can be rest assured your website will be live and active for a whole year - unless of course you decide to close it. After a year your monthly web hosting then defaults to $25 per month.This is flexible meaning you can cancel your contract anytime.



Enjoy Wholesale Prices

As a distributor, you have access to purchase hair at our low wholesale prices. This means when a customer buys from you, you order from us at very low prices without the need to buy any inventory or stock upfront. We process and ship order to the customer with your business information whist you sit back and stack up on the profits. You can even purchase hair for your own personal use if needed.


Your Personal Business Advisor 

Smiling businesswoman in headset

As a VIP Distributor, you also get a FREE 2 hour Coaching call with one of our Advisors to help you get started with the program and answer any burning questions you may have around your business. You can also contact them directly for any queries you may have. This will ensure you are never lost along the way with your business.

Marketing Tools


A business without customers is heading for destruction. As part of our distributor business kit, you also get access to our amazing hot marketing tools that will help you to start attracting thousands of customers to your business every single day.

We Ship Direct To Customers With Your Business Info

We also ship hair directly to your customers with your business information on the receipt, so they know the hair came from you. The business info label with contain your business name, website, email & contact so customers can purchase from you directly in the future.

Easy Accounts Software

2_CD_case_anDisc (1)

As part of our package, you also get access to our simple accounts program to keep track of your finances. This is an Excel Based Accounting Program that keeps track of your day-to-day sales, expenses, and profit. It not only keeps track of your day to day business transactions, but automatically creates your profit & loss, trial balance and year end accounts.